Thursday, June 6, 2013

Yep still hitting it!!

    Well after a break from doing this I have a bunch of courses to catch up with. I think that sometimes you just don't have the time to do this so it gets pushed to the side. We have traveled to lexington and louisville and south indian to play some amazing courses I hope to be able to share these with you as I jog my memory and tell you all about it or well who ever actually reads it. My first new blog will talk about William harbin park in Cincinnati and Veterans Park in lexington. Then we will get into the courses near and around Louisville. All really nice courses  with Sevrin lang topping the bill. I guess the big thing for me is just to remember what I enjoyed about these course and hopefully some of our experiences.

   I can say though as a family we have truly enjoyed getting out into nature to play these courses. Hopefully you will find it interesting enough to read and more than that hopefully I have time to do it.


Monday, August 27, 2012

Turtle Creek DGC...The tale of two turtles...

Turtlecreek at Disc Golf Course ReviewTurtlecreek at Disc Golf Course Review

Our next stop takes us back across the river to my home state of Ohio to a 18 hole course called Turtle Creek. Originally a 9 hole course that was just mainly open holes it was expanded to 18 in 2007 which added some nice wooded holes to the layout.

As you start this course it seems very vanilla. Everything looks somewhat the same and the holes are really not much different. I know it was stated that trees have been planted to help the open holes but that really has not taken hold yet. The only interesting hole on the front 6 would of had to of been hole #6 just because of the distance and the mound the basket sits on. Other than that it was pretty much the same. The tale of this Turtle is very short and besides hole 18 all the open holes, which made the original 9, did not have much of a story to them. 18 does bring some OB and distance into play so it does present more of a challenge. Hopefully when the Trees mature here these holes will help round this course out.

The Other Tale
Now on to the tale that gets you excited to be here. It all starts on the 7th tee with a shot that takes the ability to hit a tunnel plus a controlled annhyzer on it to get through the opening. I actually made it through but not to the basket. My son got into the opening but not through to the other side. We both took a three here though so that was good. We continued to hole 8 and 9 and definitely realized then that this was a totally different course than what we started with. With some tight fairways and definite line shaping you felt like you had got in the car and went to a completely different course. You then come back to reality when you hit 10 and end up on the field again. After that though it is back to the wooded tale that takes you through some great holes. These are not the longest holes but they are holes that give you some challenge and make you think before you throw. None of us could say we did well but we can say we had a bunch of fun on this part of the tale.

I usually choose a couple holes that stood out to me but here all the holes in the woods were great. I especially like #11 even though it totally punished me to the point of oblivion. I also liked the small hyzer hole #12 which I almost birdied but missed a short putt. Really I can say without a doubt that all the wooded holes brought something to the table. It made you think about what you had to do. There may be a need to remove one or two more trees to make a couple fairways a little more fair but nothing that would detract from this part of the course at all. We worked through this part of the course just hitting trees and smiling. I will say though that with all the tree banging going on we also made some good shots through the trees. I wish in the end though that this course could have a different setup so that the wooded and open holes are better intertwined with each other.

As you leave the woods you come to #18. This 600' giant was actually not to bad for an ending. After spending so much time in the woods on controlled shots it was nice to let a few rip. We pulled up to the tee and just emptied our bags here. I think this was also when I started to realize my oldest son is really starting to catch up to me. I had a couple good rips that probably went 350'(which is good for me) and noticed that a couple of his were not far behind me. We finished out the hole by taking our first shots which left me with a three and I am not sure but Austin had a shot a three but ended with a four. This hole definitely capped of a fun day at Turtle creek and two tales that are told here.

Once again thanks for reading and look for our next adventure which takes us to Harbin DGC in Fairfield, Ohio. This is another one of those fun courses in the Cincinnati area so be looking out for that. So until next time Please take care and keep banging those chains.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A.J. Jolly DGC... A jolly good time...

A. J. Jolly Park at Disc Golf Course Review
A. J. Jolly Park at Disc Golf Course Review
I have to start this off with saying that we actually made it to this course before we went to lexington but I forgot about it. I am not really sure how I forgot about going here but maybe it had something to do with putting a couple disc in the lake. Luckily they were discs that I brought just for that occasion and truly it was not a big loss, so for anyone visiting this course just bring an old disc for the couple water holes just in case. Also you do not have to pay to play this course. Just park in the spots before the entrance and you are allowed to play the course without paying to get into the park.

What I like about this course is that it can challenge you but yet is not so hard you get frustrated with it. I do wish however that there were more wooded holes because most are semi open shots. Don't get me wrong though because there is more than a handful of holes that have strategic trees that do make you shape lines for the most part. There are also a couple nice tree alleys make for great low tunnel shot.

You start off this course with a nice open shot that really gives you an opportunity to let it rip. When we started there was nobody behind us so we decided to let a few rip. My oldest son had a couple really good throws and I laid down a few rollers too. My youngest son had a couple decent throws also. I swear that kid has great arm speed, now if I could just get him a bit more interested I think he could throw fairly decent distances.

After the first hole you start the water holes. The 2nd hole is a short 200ft'r that a intermediate player should be able to cross the small section of water no problem. For us it was throw to the left side then come back for a three. I guess you can call us chicken but being it was our first time here we decided to play the safe route. The next few holes keep water into play for the most part but you do not have to cross it like you do on #2. We made our way to 4 in which I proceeded to throw two discs deep into the lake. I was just trying to make this hole in two shots so I went for it. Luckily I have two older discs to it with so I was devastated sinking them in the lake. But that was it and decided to throw my next one on a hyzer which of course left me short and I had to take a three or I guess a five actually with the two in the lake!!. The rest of my so called family did not let me forget about it for the rest of the round.

This course also brings some elevation changes although none are real extreme. Hole # 6 is a fun hole that could also be a possible ace run. I have to admit that even though it was only 250' it was fun being on top of the hill and going for the basket. We sat here and threw a few extra to try for the basket. No one was lucky enough to hit one but still we had fun trying.

As we went through the course it just kept up it's fun factor. We finally made it to hole #12 which is the only true wooded hole on the course. It was a tough one but it did have a decent fairway and good slight turnover shot could get you close to the basket. Not saying we actually did that but thought was nice. No, we hit all the trees and then some but hey that is what we love about the game and always trying to be positive we figure it's a great way to beat in a disc!!

After playing another couple nice open holes you come to #16. On this one you stand on top of a hill and just let it rip. For us it is one of the few time you get to watch the disc fly as intended. So with no one behind us we let a few disc fly here just for the fun. I usually pick a hole that impressed me the most but with this course I think the fact that it gives you the chance to let a few rip and one off a decent hill to a huge field below is the best part of the course.

Our oldest son is now about 15 minutes from this course as he attends NKU. We made our second trip here and even went for the basket on #2. Surprisingly we only lost one disc but we still did not birdie that hole. I am now looking forward to playing this course many more times. Our second time there only re-enforced the fun factor that we already knew this course brings to the table.  Stop by A.J. Jolly and I am sure you will have a JOLLY good time!! (I know corny but hey what the heck)

That's it for now and check back as we head north, first we hit Harbin DGC and then Turtlecreek. Then we head towards the Dayton and Columbus, Ohio area. So until next time Take Care and keep banging those chains!!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Riney B but should be an "A"...

Riney B DGC at Disc Golf Course ReviewRiney B DGC at Disc Golf Course Review

 WOW!! I have been so busy playing I have not had the time to sit down and write anything as of late. I really need to get caught up here so I can post something while it is still fresh in my head although I am not really thinking this will be a problem for this course. We had a great time here even though there were some minor issues that prevented us from playing every hole.

You start off this course with a nice open shot that goes from up on a hill to the flood plane below. I think this course could be a bit messy if you play after a rain but since we are having drought type conditions the course was dry and it decent shape. I guess the grass at places could have been cut but that did not detract from the fun of the course.

From 1 you go through a few holes that just meander their way back and forth through the woods. The fairways were all defined and really challenged you in most aspects of the game. Hole 3 and four stood out to me for some reason but not sure why. I guess just the thought of being in the woods kind of set this course in motion for me at that time. After getting through this part we made it to hole #6. We threw this hole only to find no basket. It was a bit disappointing because it was a hole for us to let it fly. We thought maybe that the basket had been put in another position but after the fact we read that a couple holes were moved for temp tournament holes. We never did find those holes but really it did not detract from the fun we had here.

As we worked through 7,8 and 9 we found ourselves throwing short technical shots that really challenged our short game. On 9 my son Austin had a great first shot that laced through the trees. It still did not make an easy up shot though but still probably the best shot out of us all on these holes. We then get to 10 and actually have a real chance to air it out. Although for us that means 300' shots it still is fun to see the disc fly. I get up and throw a blizzard krait which I bought to try out. I am really not big on throwing light weight disc's for distance but hey thought I would give it a try. I throw it and it turns over and ends up rolling 300 feet. It was one of those happy accidents that I will take but definitely did not do it on purpose.

We work through a few more hole and also find 14 and 15 baskets missing. Again one of those after the fact deals but still no biggie since we were running out of time anyway.

On to what I thought was the best hole of the day. I know I don't always pick the most popular hole as my favorite but I like the thought of throwing across a field to a opening in the woods. I was actually able to hit the opening and penetrate into the woods some. I did birdie this hole after a decent upshot. I like to think of a hole that brings all aspects of a course together and this one did it for me. It really gives you the opportunity to let one somewhat rip but also to have some control and placement when you land.
This hole will always stand out to me and I can not wait to see if I can repeat my birdie the next time I make it here.  The pictures you see were provided by Disc Golf Course review website.

I liked this course and I think with a bit of tweaking and some mowed fairways it could possibly get into the 4 disc rating. If your in the area though make sure you don't skip Riney "A", whoops!!!! I mean Riney "B".

On our way home my son ended up having a allergy attack along with my wife. I am not sure what set it off here but we all became a bit stuffy so make sure you are prepared for this when you visit this course in the summer time.

That's it for now and look for our next blog about a course closer to home at AJ Jolly park. Another close to home fun course. So for now take care and as always keep banging those chains!!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Shillito Park and a bad round!!!

Shillito Park at Disc Golf Course ReviewShillito Park at Disc Golf Course Review

Not one to ever say a course is bad because I had a bad round but this One I just don't know. We went here because it was close to the hotel we were staying at while in the area for my son who was checking out UK to go to school at. It was not our first choice but it had to do. As soon as we arrived there we could see right away that it was a very crowded park. It took us a few minutes and asking someone where tee #1 was before we found it. This round started off bad and really didn't get much better.

As we came up to hole #1 I  thought this was a definite birdie. I am not that good but still though i should get close enough for a putt. When I got to the tee I just felt crowded. Like if I let go and miss directed my shot I would hit someone else. So when I let go it just did not feel right and of course came no where near the basket. We then head to hole #2 and it felt the same way. This continued on the front 5 and what started bad just progressed into real bad. It was like every time I tee'd off I had to hold back because I was afraid that I could hit a non-disc golfer with an errant throw. I guess I should blame my mental game more than the course but I have to say I still felt crowded which just bothered me.

When we finally get to hole #6 things changed on the course. It was actually like a breath of fresh air. I was able to let one loose and not fear where it was going for the most part. My wife and son both just kept telling me to stop whining and just have fun. It was very tough to do because I just could not get my head back into it after those first 5 holes. As we kept playing things did not get better. We got turned around and started to play 14 when we needed to go through the woods to 12. Once we figured that out we were able to get back on track.

Now on hole thirteen and since the round was done anyway I decided to throw a roller. Just more for practice than anything and not necessarily because of the hole. So I throw my avenger SS and get a roller down and it actually is going pretty good. I then see two people come from a blind spot and basically jump over my disc as it rolls by them. I guess in reality I am glad that I did not throw this as normal because I could of hit them. That once again got into my head and I missed about a 20' foot putt.

So now on to hole #15. I go first and as the round was going I hit the big tree in front of the basket. I figured nothing less. Next my son was up and let's his brand new Avenger SS fly and grip locks it. We watch his new disc go over an 8' fence, skip off the roof of a  maintenance shed then disappear over the other side. I am thinking that really stinks and thought that we just lost a disc. So hoping someone was available to help us retrieve it we found no one around. So my wife starts to climb the fence and I am just thinking that she is going to fall and break something. I then start to climb and got half way up thinking I have a 17 year old who should be able to scale this thing with no problem and what the heck was I doing!!! So I got down and my son was like "move Dad" and he climbed up over then fence and retrieved his disc. On the way back he acted like he was going to fall and about scared the wife half to death. I just shook my head and walked away.

We finished up the course as we started or should I say as I started, which was bad. My son had a couple good throws to finish 16-18 but I was basically done . If there was a tree I would hit or I would release it to soon or grip lock it. I  think I was just happy to get off the course more than anything. So was it a bad course or a bad round, I guess I would say little of both. I guess I should not say a bad course but maybe a course that just was jammed into a place that part of it should not be. I may try to get back here and try this course when there is less of a crowd of non-discgolfers and well as discgolfers. I am always willing to give a course a second chance so we will see.

Our next stop is Riney B Park. Besides some unknown hole placements we enjoyed playing there. That is for another post though, so until next time take care and keep banging those chains.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Original 18 - Idlewild DGC...

Idlewild at Disc Golf Course Review
Idlewild at Disc Golf Course Review

Before I get into our trip to Lexington I wanted to do a post on my son and I playing the original 18 of Idlewild on 7/23/2012. This is the first time my son has played all 18 so I thought it would be cool to do a post about it. We had fun but got beat up a bit which was totally expected. I ended up throwing a 78 and he had a 98 which in the scheme of things was not awfully bad. We had our share of good and bad throws which definitely reflected in our scores.

We started on hole #1 of course which is a 600' monster but fairly wide open. Here my son out drives me by about 20' but both of us are in the fairway. I can get to the basket  in two good throws on occasion but today was not one of those occasions. My second throw ended up 20 or so feet beyond the trees in the fairway which left me with a 100 or so foot upshot to the basket. My son was just behind me. I get out my Wizard SSS, line up the shot and sink in the basket for a birdie. That felt good to get the 3 and gave me a bit of confidence going into the rest of the course.

We head to hole 2 with some confidence but as always with Idlewild confidence is a wanning prospect. On hole two we both take a 4 which was not bad for us and definitely made us happy. My son missed a good birdie opportunity with a bad upshot to the basket. He had a clean shot but just not enough on it. I had a terrible second shot which left me behind some trees. I was able to make a good 3rd shot to save my par.

On to hole #3 short tee. I started off with a annhyzer shot that took me to the far woods to the right of the big oak tree. Luckily I made it far enough into the woods that it left me with an chance to get to the island green. I get out my buzzz SS and just send it straight through the only line I had. Luckily I hit the green flip up on an edge and some how rolled to 3 feet from the basket. Got me a birdie here but my son was not as lucky and took a 5. Confidence builder I guess for me until we get to hole #4. On hole 4 we both take a five which really disappointed me. I tried a stupid second shot and missed an easy putt and so goes the ups and downs of Idlewild.

Now we come to hole 5 and 6. Hole 5 has never been kind to me so I did not expect much here. I started off with my avenger SS  and sent a nice anny that got a little tree branch love and ended up close to the drop zone. I continued with the Avenger SS since it seemed to be the disc to use. My second shot made it up the hill and into the fairway just to the right a bit. I get out the old wizard and get it within a 15' of the basket for a 4. I have to say that is probably the first 4 I have ever gotten on this hole. My son struggled here so I will not go into to much detail on that. We then moved on to 6 in which both of us took a 6 which in the scheme of things was not to bad. We both had really nice annhyzer shots with our putters to save a bogey here. I could deal with that because I have done much worse on this hole.

We go through 7,8 and 9 with a couple par's and bogeys. We had some decent shots here but nothing to spectacular. We went thru them with out doing to much damage to our scores which is always a good thing at this course. BUT and as usual Idlewild tends to bring you back to reality real quick.

On to hole 10 and 11 and a reality check!!! 10 just killed both of us and not sure why. I took a 7 and my son took a 8 on this hole. It was either in the woods or behind trees or an errant shot that just took it's toll on us here. We leave that hole and head to 11 which then gives us a double reality check. We both take a seven on this hole. I will say though that we both had great up shots to the island green and both landed safely in which we made our putts. We took that nice finish to the short hole that is 12 but also a very tight tunnel shot where an errant throw can hurt. you.

I birdied 12 with a great shot straight up the alley. My Buzzz SS did exactly what I wanted it to do and it left me with a 15'r that I drained. My son took a three here so that gave us a definite boost. We moved on to 13 where he took a five and I took a three which made both of us happy to a point. The drain of Idlewild was definitely taking it's effect here but we had plenty of water and with 5 holes left we pressed on.

We moved on to 14 short. Even though this is a short hole I always seem to end up in the woods from an errant shot. I pulled out my Buzz SS and really just relaxed and shaped my line and pictured it to the basket. I let it rip and to my surpirise it did not hit anything and was heading straight for the basket. I was thinking my first Ace at Idlewild but at the last second it faded and went left. It was still a great shot that gave me a birdie on a hole that always seems to mess with me.

We get to the thousand foot #15 hole and both take a 6. Which for us was not bad. My son had a really nice shot from halfway up the hill with his leopard to land on the island green for a putt. He was really proud of himself on that shot and I didn't blame him. It's definitely not the easiest shot to make. We also found a disc in the weeds and have contacted the owner so that we could return it. This is something I am trying to show my whole family as the proper thing to do.

We moved on to 16 where my first tee shot hit an early tree. So I took the shot over. I know I should not of but hey I counted the stroke and moved on. My second tee shot landed me in a decent spot and my son did ok also. While we were playing this hole a couple guys who told us to play threw where looking for a disc they lost on the hill. Since my son was behind me I told him to throw while I helped them look. I was able to spot the disc on the hill for them and with a quick thank you and conversation with them we let them finish the hole then we continued playing. I took a 4 here and my son a 5 I believe.

I wish I could say we finished out strong but then I would be stretching the truth a bit. I took a 3 on 17 and my son had a 4 with hole #18 looming just ahead. I was hoping to finish strong here with at least a par but it was not to be. With some errant shots and being a bit tired we both just got the life beat right out of us. I took an 8 and my son took a 9 here. I guess though that is idlewild in it's fullest. I feel it was just letting us know we have a long way to go before we can claim victory at this course. We came out bruised and beat up but also with a huge smile on our face. This course is amazing and yes, I will brag that it is 5 minutes, if that, from our house.

That sums up our day at Idlewild. A great course that any serious disc golfer needs to visit. Be looking for more posts to come and as always go out and bang some chains!!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Being somewhat distracted....

To start this off I think distractions is a perfect name for this course because you not only are distracted by the trees in the course but also forest in which you are playing. It is a nice old grow forest that hides a gem inside it. Also the Lodge is very nice so check it out while your there.

DRAMA!DRAMA! DRAMA! Well not here to hash out my family issues but this one was one more distraction we didn't need. It all started when my younger son did not want to go. My wife and I pushed the issue and kind of forced him to go so we could get him away from the XBOX. This started the drama and it continued on the course. But you know Disc Golf has a way into your blood and after a few holes my youngest started to play to. The drama was solved and we played the course DRAMA free!!!

Unlike most courses where you can see baskets as you get there, this course is hidden in the woods. When you pull up you notice the practice basket but that is about it. You go through a small opening that takes you to tee #1. From there the distraction begins and carries through the complete course. The great thing about this course is it has 2 tee positions for every hole. Although we mostly played the "A" tees you could tell that the "B" tees would make you do something completely different which really makes this 2 courses in one.

When starting out on hole #1 you immediately realize that when they call this heavily wooded there is no doubt why. I just could not only feel sorry for the trees but our disc's too. I told my son that this was a great place to beat up some disc's but being newer to the game he didn't understand until I explained it to him. This course was probably way out of our league but we had fun just the same. The only issues I could come up was I felt some fairways just were not defined enough and maybe the luck factor played a bigger part on those holes than skill. Well for us it is mostly luck anyway so what the heck do we know!! Also it is listed as 27 hole but I believe only 18 are in play as of this post. Navigation was very easy except going from 17 to 18 because you have to cross 8's tee pad to get there.

The first hole that stood out to me is #4, which is a sweeping anny shot that with just a bit more distance I would of had a real good chance at a duece but still had a look for a putt but missed it. I threw a Mamba here and just put it up high as the canopy would let me and just let that -5 turn do the rest. I think it was probably my best shot of the day. There were so many fantastic holes here that I wish I could spend all day talking about but for me 18 was another one that I liked. My son actually beat me on this hole with a 4 and I had to make a great second shot just to have a chance at what could of been a four if not for an easy missed putt.. My first shot ended close to the road but not in it. So my second shot I threw down the road and let it fade back into play which gave me a better look at the basket. I guess really that was my second best shot of the day but was also some luck to. As I said I would of had a four but I missed a putt and that left me with a five. My son was really proud of himself that he got me on that hole and I was definitely proud of him for rubbing it in!! LOL.

This course needs just a bit more work and I would think that it would definitely be another destination course in the Greater Cincinnati area. If you want a completely wooded course then this definitely is a destination for you. I can't wait to get back here and play the "B" tees and when I do I well make a new post about it because from what I could tell it would be like playing a different course. One other thing if you play the "A" tees make sure you bring your annhyzer game because a majority of those tee's demand it.

Well that is it for now, be looking for a new entry when My Wife, oldest son and I go to lexington to play a couple courses there. We hit Shilito Park and Riney B park where I have a big issue with one of them and my son throws his disc over an 8' fence that we have to climb to get out. FUN!!FUN!!FUN!! So until then take care and keep banging those chains.